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Arthur V. M. Dantas

Full-Stack Engineer

Hi there! I'm a software engineer living in Brazil. I'm just a typical guy who loves programming. You can read more about me below. 🙂


About Me

Hi, my name is Arthur V. M. Dantas. I am from Brazil, 37 years old, and have a degree in Computer Science (and a master's in the same area).

My first computer was a 486 with 16Mb of RAM. I loved that machine. From the very beginning, I was curious about how I could create some of those magic programs I used. But the problem was that I didn'thave Internet at the time and didn't know anyone who could help me.

Time went by and the Internet arrived. The first source code I saw was in QBasic, but I started programming in Pascal and then Delphi. I played around a little with the HTML of 90's, but didn't like it very much. And I found Javascript to be a "somewhat weak" language. Oh my...

In 2003, I went to university. I studied cool stuff like computer graphics, compilers and artificial intelligence. By this time, I was programming almost exclusively in C++. I tried to be a game developer (using Ogre3D), but I didn't make much progress - I didn't know how to draw or even 3d modelling.

I had my first job during my master's degree . There I used C# and liked it a lot (always thought it was better than Java). After that, in another job, I became a state civil servant, where I worked with PL/SQL. Then, in my new - and current job as a federal civil servant - I had to learn lots of new things: sysadmin, devops, network administration, etc.

In 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, I decided to learn modern web development and become a full-stack developer. I no longer thought that Javascript was a "somewhat weak" language. I learned (and continue to learn) CSS, NodeJS, React, JavaScript, TypeScript and dozens of other technologies that appear almost every day.

I've always loved programming and I believe I'm ready to embark on a web development team. I'm looking for a cool position as a front-end or full-stack developer. If you know of something, let me know!